Saturday, October 11, 2008

Listen to your heart

I loved being somewhere new and different so much, I stayed for another month longer. Three months still wasn't enough, if you ask me. I sucked every ounce of this opportunity and made experiences that leaped in to mountains of personal growth. I needed this trip to stretch my thoughts and ignite my creativity. Being born and raised in manhattan the throne of the new york city jungle itself, I tend to crave the slow pace simple life. Morocco offered nothing more than long sunny days, beautiful beaches, good food, tons of loving people and support and a communal lifestyle. Something I never experience out here in the city. For example, like the simple act of eating lunch in new york gets done everyday on the go or rushed, opposed to the people of morocco who take it as a moment everyday to gather together and be in the presence of others. People close shops, leave work, school, just to head home and be with family for 2 hours. Enough time to eat lunch and rest before heading back to the hussle and bussle that is known as life. This simple act slows things down enough to be in the moment of gratitude and humility. Remembering the people, the food, the blessings, and the joy of peace. Well, all I know is that this way spoke to me and allowed me to soak up the energy of these people enough that I brought this tradition back with me to my place of dwelling here in new york. I started to make meal time a big deal, a ritual of some sort. Where ever I am I get home to eat with my family and encourage the same from them. It's hard to make time for loved ones, especially if we let the worlds societal influences effect us, I chose to listen to my heart and made changes that made me feel love and give love. I want to take this time to share that we all have different ways to connect with our selves and if it's eating with family, visiting family, or calling family take the time to make it a habitual act of your everyday. Family should always be something we associate ourselves with and you'll notice when you do so, your life slows down and your soul speaks to you and this time nothing is distracting you from listening to it. Point is slow things down to listen to your heart.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

In seek of my Dreams

As human souls we are required to move, in order to encounter change, hence, evolution. We are born with the right to travel and move upon this earth with free spirit. What I question is why have we been robbed of the right to just get up and move? Leaving harsh or unfullfilling environments for better. From the time of early man, humans have been navigating this earth to find blessings and opportunities to empower their survival skills for stability and protection. Today we need to be picked in a lottery to leave our own countries, or have to sneak out(illegally) of our country. All this for what? To seek better resources, and opportunites for families, communities, tribes etc. We are placed in chains, physically, mentally and most of spiritually. To not have the option to just get up and move is denying your spiritual quest. Life is experiences. Sometimes, just leaving your environment temporarily can have a major impact in your growth,because the journey you took brought upon many experiences which is also a wealth of the earth. People need to get away and move out of their comfort zone to experience something different. We need a chance to put our survival skills to work, channeling through our potential, talents and gifts. Travel can also offer healing and insight, so take time to travel anywhere your soul reveals and embrace the growth. I am myself leaving on the 27th out the country for 2 months. Will share all my new discoveries. I wanna be the alchemist. In seek of my dreams.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Everyday I sit and watch people walk and go by with out understanding the purpose of our children, our women, our fathers. Walking by and subjecting themselves to pure, blissful ignorance. What can we do to show the world our importance to the universe. Well this site is a start. I will share what I know, because the worst thing I can do is not share the knowledge presented to me through intentful self searching. Connecting myself with the one of the universe is all I need in order to understand myself and my purpose and I seek to associate my self with people on the same path to higherself consciousness. A family, a spiritual tribe of the aquarian age, a community of like minds is what I am apart of. Desiring the compassion and unconditional support of other people. The way god intended it to be. I believe people do make the world go round and there is no shame in accepting that no matter what we know, no matter what we accomplish we will be just dwelling creatures on earth and this great force is our source to anything our hearts desire. I submit to the good of the universe and want to share the good I have gotten to know with the rest of the world, especially with my sisters, my children, and my bothers. Together we can build a solid loving future and know that we did our part to set the minds and hearts of our people back to the sun.