Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Everyday I sit and watch people walk and go by with out understanding the purpose of our children, our women, our fathers. Walking by and subjecting themselves to pure, blissful ignorance. What can we do to show the world our importance to the universe. Well this site is a start. I will share what I know, because the worst thing I can do is not share the knowledge presented to me through intentful self searching. Connecting myself with the one of the universe is all I need in order to understand myself and my purpose and I seek to associate my self with people on the same path to higherself consciousness. A family, a spiritual tribe of the aquarian age, a community of like minds is what I am apart of. Desiring the compassion and unconditional support of other people. The way god intended it to be. I believe people do make the world go round and there is no shame in accepting that no matter what we know, no matter what we accomplish we will be just dwelling creatures on earth and this great force is our source to anything our hearts desire. I submit to the good of the universe and want to share the good I have gotten to know with the rest of the world, especially with my sisters, my children, and my bothers. Together we can build a solid loving future and know that we did our part to set the minds and hearts of our people back to the sun.