Sunday, May 18, 2008

In seek of my Dreams

As human souls we are required to move, in order to encounter change, hence, evolution. We are born with the right to travel and move upon this earth with free spirit. What I question is why have we been robbed of the right to just get up and move? Leaving harsh or unfullfilling environments for better. From the time of early man, humans have been navigating this earth to find blessings and opportunities to empower their survival skills for stability and protection. Today we need to be picked in a lottery to leave our own countries, or have to sneak out(illegally) of our country. All this for what? To seek better resources, and opportunites for families, communities, tribes etc. We are placed in chains, physically, mentally and most of spiritually. To not have the option to just get up and move is denying your spiritual quest. Life is experiences. Sometimes, just leaving your environment temporarily can have a major impact in your growth,because the journey you took brought upon many experiences which is also a wealth of the earth. People need to get away and move out of their comfort zone to experience something different. We need a chance to put our survival skills to work, channeling through our potential, talents and gifts. Travel can also offer healing and insight, so take time to travel anywhere your soul reveals and embrace the growth. I am myself leaving on the 27th out the country for 2 months. Will share all my new discoveries. I wanna be the alchemist. In seek of my dreams.

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